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Airbag & SRS Problems

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Airbag & SRS Problems

Your insurance is unlikely to be valid if an airbag warning light is showing, so if you are involved in an accident you will not receive a payout from your insurers.

Airbag or SRS Light On

The majority of airbag and SRS faults are caused by bad connections and damaged wires, but it is notoriously difficult to diagnose these problems without access to the specialist equipment we at Binley Woods Service Centre employ.

One of the most common problems is caused by adjusting the seats in a car. The wiring for airbags and SRS systems is generally thin and stiffens with age. When seats are adjusted it is common for the wires to break or for connectors to be pulled apart.

We at Binley Woods Service Centre have a wide range of test equipment at our disposal, helping us to quickly identify the area of the car that is causing a problem.

The majority of cars have common faults that we at Binley Woods Service Centre have seen on many previous occasions, our experience can frequently avoid dismantling dashboards and other measures, resulting in significant savings for our customers.


Airbags contain sensitive and volatile explosives. Please do not attempt to work on or even disconnect any wires or connectors related to the airbag SRS system. Disconnecting a connector can result in activation and personal injury as well as damage to the seats, dashboard or other parts of the vehicle. Disconnecting the battery is not enough to avoid these dangers.