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ecu faults

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ecu faults

ECU Replacement

We at Binley Woods Service Centre see an increasing number of cars which are brought to us with "ECU failure". In fact, many of these cars while having problems do not have failed ECUs.

Many garages and repair workshops unable to find the actual fault with a vehicle blame the problem on the ECU.

ECUs do fail for a number of reasons. Water damage is a common problem as is jump leads being connected the wrong way round.

We at Binley Woods Service Centre are able to repair the ECU on most makes and models of car. In some cases it is more cost-effective to replace a failed ECU with a used or remanufactured unit.

We can supply most ECU's quickly and economically and are happy to offer help and advice, often saving hundreds of pounds on the cost of a new unit.

Exchange ECU

We at Binley Woods Service Centre supply exchange ECUs for most makes and models of cars and light vans. Simply send us your old ECU so we at Binley Woods Service Centre can ensure a replacement ECU has the correct software and security configuration on it so that it works right away

Exchange ECUs are programmed to your individual vehicle so no programming is necessary - even the immobiliser will work in exactly the same way as before.


ECU Flashing Repairs

Many motorists contact us after having damaged an ECU by attempting to remap it with cheap flash files, usually found on internet forums.

As an increasing number of motorists are finding to their cost, remapping is an art that cannot be completed using cheap generic files and poor quality flash tools. Even the voltage is important when flashing an ECU.

In almost all cases we at Binley Woods Service Centre are able to recover the data in most ECUs even when they appear to be unreadable.

With our tools, equipment and experience we at Binley Woods Service Centre can often recover an ECU when other "specialists" have failed.